Ellena Bethea: A Modeler’s Approach to the Atom

The nine core units of the modeling chemistry curriculum focuses on creating, describing, refining, and using models of matter to explain and explore the majority of introductory chemistry topics. In this talk, Ellena Bethea discussed the modeling approach to the atom, and shared how she used emission and photoelectron spectroscopy to continue the storyline in an advanced course.


Gary Abud: Modeling Chemistry

This week, Gary Abud, a physics and chemistry teacher in Michigan, gave us a great introduction into the “why” and “how” of modeling instruction in chemistry. The slides from the presentation can be found here, and you can read more from Gary at his blog, Productive and Constructive.

The recording is here.

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Brian Bennett: Standards-Based Grading

This week we Brian Bennett shared his experience with standards-based grading with the Global Chemistry Department. Lots of good ideas in this recording!

For more information, visit Brian’s blog at http://www.brianbennett.org/blog.

The recording is here. (begins at 15:00)

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Ramsey Musallam: Explore-Flip-Apply

In tonight’s meeting of the Global Chemistry Department, Ramsey Musallam described how he modified the structure of his AP Chemistry courses to emphasize higher-level learning during class time. He showed us an example of a learning cycle using the Explore-Flip-Apply model, and discussed how he assesses students’ learning using a standards-based system.

You can find the recording here (Talk begins at 15:00).

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Corey Kilbane: Video as Pedagogy

In our first Global Chemistry Department meeting, Corey Kilbane presented his experience in using video in many ways to improve student learning in Chemistry.

You can find the recording here.

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